Social Networking Can Help Your Career through 5 ways

Social Networking Can Help Your Career through 5 ways

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February 23, 2017
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July 3, 2017

Social network help your carer through this count down which starts with:

5. Online Profiles and Resumes Are Always On

One of the advantages of the Internet is that it is always on. This means that you can post your professional skills and experience, and make that information available to people anywhere, anytime. It also means that you can search for information about others, both in and out of your social network

4. Communicate Changes in Your Career As They Happen

You develop your social network by meeting people and keeping in touch with them over time. One advantage of having a strong social network is that you can keep your associates informed about changes in your career as they’re happening. As you spread the news, the people in your network, especially professional contacts, can provide timely advice or help to find the resources you need.

3. Discover Career Paths You Hadn’t Thought Of

When you’re focused on the responsibilities of your current job, sometimes it’s easy to overlook opportunities waiting around the corner. Your social network can help you stay in touch with these opportunities. This could mean doing the same job in a new scenario or taking a completely new path you’d never considered.

To make these discoveries, start by staying informed about those in your social network who have the same or similar career paths to your own. For example, if you’re a nurse, look to those who are nurses or have a nursing background. If you’re looking to go on a new path, including changing your career altogether, look to those who are already on that path.
Look for opportunities to add to your direct social network connections through introductions.

2) Make New Contacts Through People You Know

People will come and go in your professional experiences, but they all make up the fabric of your social network. Yesterday’s high school classmate might be today’s business partner. Today’s teammates and supervisors might be tomorrow’s valued contacts and references.

The benefits of your social network don’t just end with the people you know. When you have a positive professional relationship with someone, you can put in a good word for that person with others you know, and that person can do the same for you. This could lead to introductions that extend the direct connections you have within your social network.

1) Let the Job Find You

All the social networking benefits covered so far provide the basis for this ultimate benefit. The Internet is always on, and you can keep your social network informed about your current skills, job status, and career goals. Also, your associates may have contacts who would appreciate being introduced to someone with your skills and experience. You may receive inquiries about jobs you’re qualified for, but that you may have never have considered.

If you have a strong social network, don’t be surprised if someone contacts you looking for someone with your skills and experience. If your profile is online, you could hear from people you’ve never met. Recruiters and prospective employers often look at professional Web sites like LinkedIn in hopes of making new connections 

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