NGDC for Management and Development, We put your business on the right track.

With 12 years of experience in the marketing field, We eagerly invite you to take your first steps of a successful business journey. How? Scroll down and check our collection of business development services .

NGDC wants you to be part of our success story

Proud to say that we helped more than 500 customers to achieve their business goals from creating a strategic marketing plan to full-on executing all their needs.

Customer satisfaction is a priority, Delivering on time, according to brief and finally, our client’s development is by default our ultimate success

We have more than 40 employees working with us full-time and part-time.

We have six partners collaborating together to achieve our customer’s goals with the highest quality.

Our work got acknowledged by achieving 3+global rewards.

Global Awards

Choose your plan and Customize your Package

Personalize your package to create the perfect plan tailored for your business’s needs.

 Choose whichever service you need from social media management, graphic design, website development, and much more.

Our professional staff is always ready to meet with you and embark on our business development journey.



What’s the type of service that you require?

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Social media marketing

Pushing your project above the line to reach more of your market audience, using market research and creative content creation.

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Recognized at first sight Is what we aim for when you use our branding services, through creating your presonalized guidelines.

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Media Production

Showcase your products, venue and more with a creative idea, with quality that suits every platform from Digital ads to TV ad quality

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Web development

Developing a High-End, responsive website, Sky’s the limit with amazing after-sales service. Providing responsive maintenance and high level of security.

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Mobile Application

Step up your online presence with your own Mobile application and be available to everyone with a click of a button.

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Your In-House team will be Social Media Gurus after this Training is done, they will get trained to know every single details regarding social media.

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Interactive Digital Catalog

Present your business in an Engaging way to your clients with an attractive catalogue that captures their full attention

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Responsive and intelligent chatbot for your customer’s inquiries 24/7 integrated to all your platforms


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350+ Customers with our values

  • Testimonial Happy Client
    Actually it's a great company and very nice team I appreciate your efforts to do your best. Thanks a lot
    Amal Samir
  • testimonial Happy Client
    What I like the most about working here is the support network we have in place for the employees and the clients. There is always someone available to help in any way, And I think it’s the reason our clients are able to put their faith and trust in us.
  • Testimonial Happy Customer

    NGDC are the most reputable, professional and respected company in the field in town! They work with excellency to hit the top records with their work which I call masterpieces.. New generation and the best and the most leading marketing and developing company in Egypt ❤️❤️

    Paul Maged
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